About us

We are all about the relief of poverty, sickness,
suffering, misfortune, and distress through:

  • Individual and family one to one counselling and support
  • Individual and family financial aid and specialised equipment purchases
  • Individual and family clothing, food and shelter support
  • Carer support for those assisting clients with a disability or special needs
  • Any other direct help necessary for good health

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    We are here to help

    If you need assistance, please don't hesitate to send us a message

    How to support our work

    Virtual Opportunity Shop

    We will start a virtual Op-Shop for the South
    Western Sydney region to raise funds for our
    charity. When the Op-Shop is up and running,
    you can donate goods or check back
    regularly to purchase the items.


    Without the support of our donors
    we simply cannot provide the
    support to those who need it most.
    Please consider supporting our work
    with your donation.


    If you have an item/s to donate, service to
    provide you can choose to give directly to the
    person; please contact us.

    Thank you for supporting our work.

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